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Black Wash Me Wear Me Lingerie Laundry Bag
Black Wash Me Wear Me Lingerie Laundry Bag
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Stuffit Carry Bag (pink bubbles)

The singlet shape of the Stuffit® carry bag makes it much more practical than many other re-usable bags. It can hold several kilos of shopping or your stuff and all seams are finished and reinforced for durability. Its sold colour ensures your stuff stays private. And its washable so its more hygienic than most cheap re-usable bags. Amazingly, the Stuffit packs into itself and easily fits into your pocket, handbag, suitcase, glove box or beach bag.

Dimenions: when stowed away. 10cm x 8cm. When unstuffed: 53cm x 33cm

$10.95     OUT OF STOCK