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clear shoe boxes kids shoes
If you are looking for a clear shoe box, find out why benjibox clear shoe boxes are the best in the market:

1) Our customers tell us so! Read their comments below.

2) The pull-out drawer means shoes slide out easily with a one handed opening action - great when you're in a rush or carrying things

3) No scratched hands or shoes - your boxes are meant to protect your shoes!

4) Better visibility in a dark closet - we have just 1 layer of translucent plastic at the viewing window, our competitors have double layered lined plastic making it hard to see your shoes through the front

5) Clean cut design and 0.8mm plastic - looks much neater, is sturdier and no warping at the sides

6) Anti-slip pads - so boxes stack securely without slipping against each other

7) Shipped within 24 hours - so you can get started organising straight away

8) Great for storing small arts and craft supplies, scrapbooking storage, kids shoes, kids toys, stationery - because every part of the drawer is accessible.

I would like to buy my Benjibox clear shoe boxes now!

Still not convinced? Watch our new ad or read what some of our customers have to say:

"As a repeat customer of the benji shoe boxes I really like the product as it is the best quality on the market. This repeat order was a gift to organise my mums shoe collection. The stuffit bag is a new purchase for me and I am really impressed - again the quality of the product is of a high standard." Thanks from a satisfied customer. Susan, Camberwell VIC
"Just received my shoeboxes last night, didn't think the delivery would be that quick. I have searched for shoeboxes for almost 9 months now, so when I saw the pack of 40 on a discount, I did not think twice to order them. I tried the ones with flaps, though fairly cheap are fiddly to open and you wouldn't be able to search the shoes you want in a hurry.  My daughters were saying you couldn't erase the smile from my face since all our shoes are now stacked up so beautifully.  I have now used most of them and will definitely be telling my family and friends what a great product this is. Thank you. Lorna A, NSW.

I just have to add my testimonial in for Benjiboxes! I actually ordered from another clear plastic shoe box place thinking they were your boxes (I had seen an ad of yours with the drawers and was very excited) and when I received them from this other place I was shocked at how flimsy and difficult they were! They didn't have the pull out drawer and were wayyyy smaller. To make a long story short, I was outraged and emailed the place for a refund before googling around and finding your site. When I got your boxes, I breathed a sigh of relief. They are sturdy, big enough for my highest stilettos, easy to assemble and don't slip at all! I LOVE THEM! Thankyou for being one of the few companies that actually sell a quality product and for not selling the cheapest option you could find overseas to sell at a ridiculous price and profit. I appreciate it :) Bethany, Burnside SA

"Thanks for the excellent shoe boxes. I had often looked at the other types of clear boxes available but never bought any because the flaps design just looked a bit clumsy. After finding your boxes on the internet, I thought I would give them a go. They really work! Reorganising my shoes into the boxes has provided some much needed space and make access to my shoes a breeze. Very pleased with them and your "valentines special" has prompted me to buy some more." JW, Sydney.

"I love my shoes and your boxes make it so much easier to enjoy them. I think I sat and stared at them for a few minutes after I"d assembled them and filled them with shoes - I know it sounds insane, but they just look fabulous and are user friendly. I had a couple that latched and it was a pain to try and fiddle with the latches - these are easy access for my shoes" Tanya S. Greystanes NSW See Tanya's shoe boxes.

"My boxes arrived packaged with a cute bow! I loved the little touch. The boxes are fantastic and you thought of everything because the boxes really need the non-slip pads. I have other clear shoe boxes but these are by far a better design. Thanks for the great service and product." Mailan H, Cessnock, NSW

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE the boxes!! They look SSOOOOO good in our shoe cupboard!! I have fixed up the mess that was Sam's side and maximised the space. And when I got my shoes out this morning could do it with 1 hand rather than need 2 hands to get the flaps open on my old shoe boxes and getting scratched and scraped!! Ssooo easy peasy!! Thanks so much!! When are you going to do men's shoe boxes ???  Helen K, Bondi NSW see Helen's shoeboxes

"I received them very quickly. I am so happy with them! My wardrobe now looks beautifully neat and tidy. The only problem is that I may have to order more because of my shoe habit! Katrina K, Dandenong, VIC

"I love them! They are so easy to use and my wardrobe has never looked so good. Have a few spare empty ones - so all the incentive I need to go shoe shopping! Think they are great and by far the best of several companies I have bought." Michelle D, South Tweed Heads, NSW

"I absolutely love my Benjiboxes! My wardrobe has never looked so organised. Thankyou very much" Alison W, Sydenham.

"Thank you so much. I have received my first order and couldn't be more happier.  They are so easy and look just great in my wardrobe. As you see I'm back for more. They are by far the best thing on the market to date." Julie W, Buttaba, NSW

"I have to tell you that I am very impressed not only with your product but the delivery as well.  I have been meaning to clean out and organise my shoes for quite a while and when a friend sent me through your website I jumped at the opportunity. I ordered the 10 boxes on the Wednesday and by Thursday I was putting them together and completing the transformation.  A tidy shoe area at last! So a big thank you for your product and your efficient delivery.  You have
one very satisfied customer!" Neryl, Caringbah NSW

 "I finally got my shoes sorted! I must say the quality of the boxes is extremely good. I have seen a lot of others and they are not as good as yours. My shoes are now dust free and not in a big pile in my cupboard!" Sonia, Mooney Ponds, VIC

"I've just moved house where my new wardrobe is the size of a post-it so the very stackable, easily accessible Benjibox has transformed my wardrobe, making plenty of room for future shoe purchases..." Edel O, Sales Manager, Balmain, NSW

"I'd previously used clear shoe boxes with the flaps but found them to be a pain in the rear end - I was sick of cutting my knuckes on the flaps! The Benjibox that has the box slide out the front - makes such a world of difference in how easy it is to to place and remove items and the time saved - (particularly good for a person always on the run) AND I have no doubt this prolongs the life of my precious shoes. Even my husband has stolen some of my benji boxes to put all his video game controllers, cables and games in! Highly recommend! Sabina O, Wetherill Park, NSW

"I have received my Benjibox clear shoe boxes and I love them! Previously my cupboard looked untidy and crammed with an assortment of shoeboxes, not to mention that I couldn't remember which shoes I had stored in there! With my new Benjiboxes, my shoes now look much happier in their new home - sleek and organised - and I can quickly identify which shoes I want to wear for the day! I've ordered 16 Benjiboxes but plan to order another 6 or 7 in the short term future, so I can ensure that all my shoes are happily housed!" Jo, NSW

"Received the clear shoe boxes and they are great! They are strong enough to stack on top of each other and having the drawer makes it easy to access the shoes you need." Leanne P, Sydney, NSW

"LOVE the fabulous Benjibox clear shoe boxes. So much easier to use than my other ones, particularly for the shoes I wear all the time. More durable and sturdy too. thanks!" Gina G, Rose Bay, NSW

"Received the boxes the very next day!  Thanks!" Diana F, Milsons Point, NSW

"My Benjibox shoe boxes were delivered very promptly with a lovely ribbon. I am extremely happy with my purchase - thank you VERY much." Kylie T, Derrimut, VIC

"Quick delivery and I"m delighted. I've just put in another order." Sue H, Banksia Park, SA

"Thank-you for sending them so quickly. I am very happy with them and will definately buy more when I need them :-)" Nicole M, WA

"I just used the wash me, wear me bag for a weekend away. The bag is really good quality and really practical. It is much more convenient and accessible to find your underwear than fumbling through your luggage!" Joanne T, Willoughby, NSW

"I am thrilled with your shoe boxes. I have used other similar products quite successfully but Benjibox goes one step further with the pull-out section that maximises my limited space for all my shoes. Delivery is also very prompt with orders delivered within a couple of days." Jan T, Chatswood, NSW

I would like to buy my Benjiboxes now